Out Run The Rain

We didn’t sleep very well last night as another rainstorm moved through.  It rained all night and we decided in the early morning that if we could stay in the park one more night that is what we should do.  It certainly would be a better day tomorrow, colder maybe, but also drier.  Well it turns out that someone has reserved this spot for tonight.  We could however move into another spot for one night.  Well, if I am going to get wet packing up to move, we are going to move on down the highway, not just a few camp spots around the corner.

Well we pulled out of the park around 11 AM and were navigating through New Orleans before any noon hour rush.  In 90 minutes we were out of the greater New Orleans metropolis and back into the rural 4 lane, divided I-10.  This highway really moves the traffic and is actually a nice drive.  Two lanes in each direction divided by a wide grove of trees.  Lush trees, green trees.  Spring must certainly be around the corner, or maybe it has already arrived.

Our intent before we left was to stop overnight at a travel center (a trucker’s rest stop with washroom facilities) and then try to reserve a spot in a State Park.  You can really make time at 70 miles per hour so instead of spending the night at a travel center we stopped at a “Welcome to Florida” tourist center.  While there stretching our legs we called ahead and found that spots at Florida State Parks are first come, first served for that day but can be reserved for a day in the future.  But we did find a park we could probably pull into for a night or two.  But upon arriving at Grayton Beach State Park there was only one spot available.  Unfortunately we can only stay one night unless someone who is already here decides to leave tomorrow.

After supper we came up with a new plan.  We have to move tomorrow. Either to a new spot in this park or to another park so we have a new list of parks we would like to check out.  Just in case we have to leave this one.  We are not sure how successful we will be as it appears to be spring break this weekend and there are a few other activities that the park ranger mentioned.  So things may be all booked up and we may end up at a rest stop yet.

Oh, yes, we did out drive the rain.  We out ran it so fast as we travelled through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and into Florida, we ran into the cold weather.  New Orleans registered about +15 when we left and we arrived in Florida with +7.  You could see your breath it was so cold.  Well, at least we don’t have to shovel the snow or scrape the windows.

I wonder where we will be tomorrow?


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