Time To Move On

bird-1 bird-2 bird-3 riverThe past few days have been lazy. We have had off and on rain but it has still been warm. I just wish we could get away from the humidity. Everything feels damp and we both feel clammy.

An RV Caravan has moved into the park.  All their campers and busses are decked out with Mari Gras colours, beads and streamers.  We hear a tour bus come and pick them up every morning and return them in the evening. We figure they must be partaking in some of the many Mardi Gras activities that are happening.

The other day we searched for a book store here in Westwego but came up with nothing. There are lots in New Orleans but I was not willing to venture back downtown knowing that parking would be a major problem.  We even stopped at a Barnes and Noble and they didn’t have either of the last two books by Kathy Reichs.  If you haven’t figured it out, she is my favourite author.  Well I guess it is back to doing Sudoku puzzles.

Today we took a trip back to the “City Park”.  We didn’t have a lot of time when we were there with the city tour so we spent some time walking around the sculpture garden and picked up a late lunch at the Morning Café.  The Beignet and Gumbo were to die for.

It’s raining again tonight with the forecast for it to continue tomorrow. It will make for a good travel day.   We are headed over to Florida tomorrow but right now are unsure how far we will get.  You will just have to stay tuned and wait for our next post.  Hopefully our next stop will have a better Wi-Fi connection.


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