Alligators and Beads

That was the theme of the day, Alligators and Beads.

We spent the morning in a luxury coach traveling around the interesting and historic parts of New Orleans.  We traveled through the French Quarter, the Garden District, and the Ninth Ward.  It was really interesting to see the different  architecture inspired by the different nationalities that moved into the various areas as New Orleans was growing.  Our tour driver was very knowledgable and was able to add a lot of additional info especially how the hurricanes Katrina and Rita affected the city.  How these hurricanes came onto the city and how the infrastructure was impacted.

Before we left for City Park for a quick snack we had a quick tour of the cemetery at St. Louis #3.  It was interesting to learn how people were interned, back then and now.

After our snack we drove over to the swap boats.  Bev and I were taking a tour on a small air boat.  The small boats only hold 6 passengers so we had a more intimate adventure.  Of course, Alligators were what we were looking for.  We were successful here as well as learning about the vegetation and how bogs work.

At the end of our tours we were whisked back to our pick-up spots.  Except the Mardi Gras parade organizers had some influence here.  When you have 5 parades all happening in the same day, there is bound to be street closures and a possible traffic jamb or two.  It turns out that our bus driver had to drop us off a few blocks from our original pick-up spot.  So on the bad side we needed to walk a few blocks to get back to the truck.  On the good side we were able to watch parts of two different parades.  But then on the bad side again, we ended up travelling 1½ hours trying to get out of downtown and back on the highway.  Once we were back on the interstate a short 20 minutes later we were back home.

Tomorrow we are taking the day off and are planning on watching the Canadian men play hockey in Russia.

ab-1 ab-2 ab-3 ab-4 alligator-1 alligator-2 alligator-3 captain cemetary-1 cemetary-2 parade-1 parade-2 parade-3 swamp-1 swamp-2


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