Stormy Weather

The forecast last night was for wind and rain over the nighttime with clearing skies in the morning. Boy they were bang on again. The evening forecast also reported wind gusts up to 60 MPH and tornado warnings and watches. New Orleans was in the “Tornado Watch” area. Sure enough, as the evening progressed, the wind picked up and the rain started falling soon after we went to bed. The lightning and thunder were not far behind and stuck around till about 3 AM.

We were able to sit out this morning in the sun and just relax. In the afternoon we stopped in at the tourist info place, there wasn’t much help offered so we drove back downtown. There sure was a lot to see. People everywhere getting ready for Mardi Gras. There were porta-potties all over the place, two parades are going through downtown tonight.

Tomorrow we will be back downtown bright and early. We are booked into a city tour in the morning and we are off to the swamp for another tour on an air boat. It should be a fun time. I think we will see some gaters


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