Exploring We Will Go

Another hot day today with the temperature sitting about +27℃ with the humidity around 400%. There was just no way to get away from the heat with such high humidity. But it sure beats the dry cold back home.

We ventured out of the park today heading for down town New Orleans. Without a lot of difficulty we found the Westin Hotel and a paid parking lot right next door. So I think we are set to book our tour. It took us about 15 minutes to get into the downtown using the freeway system and another 35 minutes to travel a few blocks in the French Quarter to the hotel. Traffic was crazy as were the pedestrians with lots of construction at every corner. The streets we traveled down were narrow, two lanes but both lanes in the same direction. There are a lot of one-way streets here. After circling around a few times we were able to get back on the correct freeway entrance and back into Westwego. Bev and I both concluded that the highway signs for the on-ramps were nowhere to be found.

Back in Westwego we fueled up and found a grocery store not far from the park entrance. It’s a Winn-Dixie. It was a nice little store with a good selection of fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. For the short time we were at the cashier I don’t think I had been called Sugar, Honey or Darlin’ so many times. Friendly bunch.

Unfortunately when we returned to the camper the tour company had closed for the day so there was no way we could book a tour for Friday. So the plan now is call them back on Friday and take the tours on Saturday. We will also visit a local tourist information booth just outside the park entrance to see what piques our interest for Friday.


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