S & S Weather

Yes S&S weather.  Shorts and Sandals is the dress for the day.  We left Iowa with overcast skies and temperatures hovering around +20℃. Unfortunately when we finally pulled out of the trailer park, I was wearing long pants.  The closer we got to New Orleans, the more sun we experienced and the mercury was on the rise.

We weren’t really going to New Orleans.  The night before we had made reservations at Bayou Segnette State Park which is located in Westwego LA.  Looking on the map, Westwego looks like it is part of New Orleans. So right after we got the camper set up, off came the long pants and on went the shorts and sandals.  It was a sunny +27℃ day. Now that’s what we have been looking for.

The campground here is quite nice, spacious and quiet.  We spent the later part of the afternoon sitting out on the lawn enjoying the sun.  There are Doves in the park as well as a lot of other chirping animals.  It is quite relaxing, I just hope all the sounds of nature doesn’t keep us awake tonight as tomorrow we have big plans.

First off we need to find a grocery store.  I am pretty sure there is no Walmart or HEB in this small town so we will have to find someplace else. Second up is buying some fuel for our workhorse truck.  Lastly and most importantly we will venture into New Orleans to see if we can find the Westin Hotel.  You see, this is the spot where the New Orleans Tour Company will be picking up their customers for the tours they offer.  If we can find the hotel and available parking we will be booking an air boat and city tour, probably for Friday.  While we are in town we will see what else we can see without getting too lost.

Keep you fingers crossed.

The drive into Westwego bears further mention. First off you must know that the vegetation in the ditch and between the divided highways is green. That’s right folks, green and there were even workers out mowing these areas. The trees are even starting to leaf out. You can see a slight hint of green and red in the treetops. The second thing that needs to be mentioned is that there must have been buckets full of money available to build I-10. There were many sections of this highway that were elevated above the swap/bog/bayou. One section was over 15 miles long and the other one was close to five miles long. That’s a lot of concrete.


One thought on “S & S Weather

  1. Hi Bev & Richard, I’m loving reading your blog. Don’t get to do it everyday but it’s a refreshing pause for a few minutes when I do. The fog sounded really dangerous almost and I’m wondering why cars don’t have daytime lights – do they just not turn them on? But loved the pics you posted and the weather is sure a lot warmer than here. Keep on truckin’.


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