More Soup Please

We pulled out of Galveston State Park yesterday, in the fog.  The fog was so thick you had a hard time seeing the traffic lights in Galveston.  The first bit of sunlight we saw was on the short 20-minute ferry ride back to the mainland.  But as soon as we departed the ferry, we were back into the fog.  On the mainland you couldn’t see two telephone poles ahead of you and with few cars having daytime headlights, it was tricky passing for those that were following us.

The countryside was mostly fog as we were travelling right next to the gulf coast.  As we moved inland near Winnie TX, we saw more ranch land and oil derricks.  Most of the towns we passed through had some sort of oil or gas refining facility.  Also inland, the temperature was on the rise.  We left the park at +17℃  and turned into Iowa LA with the truck reporting +25℃.

We are going to get some laundry done today and figure out where we are going next.  As I mentioned earlier, we would like to do some guided city tours of New Orleans but Mardi Gras is just around the corner.   We want to try to avoid that if possible.  With any luck at all I will be wearing my short pants soon and we will be back on the beach.

Stay tuned for more adventures.


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