Fog, Thick as Soup

Last night the forecast was for fog along the coast today.  Boy did they get that right.

We spent some time today sitting on the beach, just over the dunes from our campsite.  It was a little chilly because of the wind off the gulf, even though it was +17℃.  It was overcast and almost seemed like it could turn into rain anytime.  It was so humid (reported at 100% on the 6 o’clock weather), you could feel the moisture on your skin.  If you were reading, the pages also felt damp.

We took a trip back along Seawall Blvd today so I knew for sure where I was going to catch the ferry.  We are leaving for Iowa tomorrow.  No, not the state of Iowa, but Iowa Louisiana.  Our plan is to stay there a few days and do some laundry as we make our way into New Orleans.  There are some interesting city tours in New Orleans we may take advantage of.  I like the idea of someone else driving and explaining what I am seeing.  The trip into Galveston also allowed us to fill up on fuel without the camper as there is about a 30₵/gallon difference in price between Jamaica Beach and Galveston.

Along the sea wall there were times you couldn’t see a block ahead of you, the fog was that thick.  I am used to fog appearing in the morning and by noon it has all burned off.  Well today the fog was out all day long.  The weather forecast calls for thick fog again tomorrow.  It will be interesting driving.

We stopped at a local restaurant in Pirate Cove (Waterman Seafood Grill) for supper tonight.  It is located on the bay side of the island.  We could have sat outside on the wharf and had supper under the stars but we decide to stay inside and sat next to the windows that overlooked the bay.  It was a great meal; unfortunately we didn’t get any sunset on account of the fog.   By the time we got back to the camper it was dark so any prep work I was planning on doing to get a jump-start on tomorrows move, wasn’t going to happen.  There isn’t that much to do (put away the chairs and BBQ) so I don’t think it will hamper our depart time that much.  We will get going when we are ready and hopefully the wait for the ferry won’t be to long.

See you in Iowa.


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