Sit Back and Relax

Today was a relaxing day at +15℃. We spent some time in the historic district today and found a great little coffee shop in the Strand District.  It was called Mod Café.  We were lucky enough to get a parking spot right outside and after we purchased our coffee, tea, and peanut butter square, a patio table opened up on the sidewalk.  So we got to enjoy our break in the sun on the sidewalk.  There was quite a bit of pedestrian traffic and we were thinking they were from the cruise ship we spied when we returned from Pelican Island.  After our break I circled back to get a picture of the cruise ship at pier 22, but it had already departed.

Parking in Galveston is a bit different.  There are no parking meters down town or on the Seawall Blvd but you must pay for parking.  There are areas with free 2-hour time limits but some of those require a residential parking permit.  In other places you must purchase a parking ticket.  This is done by noting your stall number. Yes, all the parking spots have a number, it’s written on the curb.  Then you need to go to the ticket stand and purchase your ticket.  There are normally 2 ticket stands per block, one on each side, usually in the middle of the block.  This is very similar to the parking system in downtown Calgary.  Now if you want to park at the ocean or beach on Seawall Blvd, you need to either call a central number and provide your credit card number or set up an account with the parking authority and then use a smart phone app to pay your parking fee.   The other difference you need to know is that if you purchase a parking ticket for a downtown spot it is only good for that spot during the time period you purchased.  Along Seawall Blvd, the stalls are not numbered so you can park anywhere in the time period you purchased.  There is however a few blocks on Seawall Blvd where parking is free.  There is nothing really so see in the free section, no beach or water access, so there is usually spots if you want to stop.   It’s funny, for the last 3 days we have spied a truck and camper parked in this section.  Not sure if they are camping or not.

The majority of the vehicles parked along Seawall Blvd are close to the piers or the beaches.  A very popular place is Pleasure Pier This pier is home to restaurants, pubs and amusement rides that fling you out over the ocean.

pleasure-pier-1 pleasure-pier-2 pleasure-pier-3 pleasure-pier-4


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