Another Fine Day

Today the sun was out and so was the heat.  The truck registered +15℃ and there was only a slight wind.  But this wind picked up as the day went on.  It was strong enough in the later afternoon that if you looked down the beach or sea wall, the horizon was hazy.  We had seen this before and it is not unusual when the breeze is off the gulf.

Today we spent most of the afternoon at the aquarium at Moody Garden.  Moody Garden is not really a garden but a location with 3 pyramid building that house the aquarium, the rain forest and discovery attractions.  It is right behind a huge hotel/convention centre and right beside the Schlitterbahn water park.  There is also a 3D and 4D movie theatre on site.  The discovery building is closed for renovations but we might end up at the rainforest tomorrow.

fish-3 fish-2 turtle fish-1 penguin fish-5 fish-4

We also spent some time on the beach watching some kite boarders.

kite-1 kite-2 kite-3 kite-4 kite-5 kite-6


One thought on “Another Fine Day

  1. Awesome pictures. Too bad you’re getting so much rain and cool weather. How are the food prices where you are? How about restaurant meals? The seafood place sounds interesting.


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