Warmer Weather

Sure enough the sun came out today too.  I noticed that the truck was reporting a temperature of +13℃.  The sun was warm but if you were outside a light jacket was still required as the slight breeze was chilly.

We started the day driving back to Jamaica Beach to see if Google could help us find the Tourist Information Centre in Galveston.  It wasn’t as easy as we thought but we did track down an address.  Before we left Jamaica Beach we took the opportunity to tour around a little.  We were impressed with the huge homes we saw.  Most had direct access to the intercostal waterway via a canal at their back door.

Back in Galveston, the Tourist Information Centre was a wealth of information on things we could do.  We started at the Nestlé’s Cafe and Bakery.  We spotted this coffee shop the other day when we were at the bookstore and thought it might be a nice place to visit.  Our thoughts of starting with a tea and pastry were dashed as this location was closed.  So instead of finding another coffee shop, we started with the Tree Sculpture Tour.  This tour sweeps through the east end historic district of Galveston and highlights properties that have turned trees damaged by hurricane Ike in 2008 into whimsical tree sculptures.  These tree sculptures were interesting but were overshadowed by the architectural beauty of the homes in this area that were built in the early 1900s.

house-1 tree-1 tree-2 tree-3

Because we didn’t get our tea and pastry mid afternoon, we were getting a bit hungry after our tour of the historic district.  A quick stop at Fisherman’s Wharf solved that problem.   It wasn’t really a quick stop but a 2 hour experience at a great restaurant on pier 21.  Good food, great service and a wonderful view of the harbour.


I am sure tomorrow’s adventure will include another trip to a local restaurant.


One thought on “Warmer Weather

  1. Was checking google map for Jamaica beach and that coastal water way that you mentioned and by going to the satellite image, it looks like Jamaica Beach is a man made area. On another note, the areas that you have visited look real nice . So send more pictures.Got 7 cm of snow wed. /wed.night. Be safe . ttyl. Bob


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