Here Comes The Sun?

This morning it was overcast again.  What kind of weather are we going to get today?  A little patience and the sun came out just after lunchtime.  It was nice to see and it seemed a lot warmer than the 10℃ showing on the truck thermometer.

We headed into Jamaica Beach to borrow the Wi-Fi signal and plan our day.  First up was locating a place to refill the propane tanks.  Well it turns out that just down the street is the Jamaica Beach RV Park.  They refill propane tanks.  Second stop was to find a bookstore.  I finished the books I had brought and there are only so many Sudoku puzzles you can do in a day.  Third stop is to find the local Wal-Mart as we have run out of a few items.

While we were borrowing the signal from the washerette, I was able to download my emails and make a quick update to the blog.  A quick stop at the RV Park and the two propane tanks were filled and then off to Galveston to find Wal-Mart.  After Wal-Mart it was find the bookstore. There, I was able to find the next in the series from my favourite author, Kathy Reichs.

It was an all round good day and we even checked out some places to dine out on our way back to the camper.


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