Moving Day

Today is moving day.  We are off to Galveston State Park, which is located between the town of Galveston and Jamaica Beach on Galveston Island.  When we got up today the fog hadn’t disappeared from last night.  It was quite warm (+19℃) but very humid.   Within an hour of being on the road the temperature had dropped to +10℃ and we were into the rain.  The rain stayed with us all day, off and on, and is still pelting the trailer tonight.

We pulled into the park mid afternoon after travelling through some very pretty countryside.  From ranch land with huge ranch style homes to huge seaside homes built on piles and miles of beach.

After setting up the camper we travelled back to Jamaica Beach.  I wanted to check out the local washerette where we are able to borrow, a Wi-Fi Internet connection.  The park doesn’t have that option so it is going to be a little less convenient posting updates.

The weather forecast calls for the rain to subside after midnight with the northern part of Texas getting freezing rain.  I don’t miss that.

Hopefully the sun will come out and spread some cheer.  Tomorrow we plan on either sitting on the beach, which is just over the dune in front of the camper or heading into Galveston to do some shopping.

More will be reported tomorrow.



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