Foggy Weather

I am sitting here trying to compose this post and watch the olympic TV coverage.  It turns out the fog rolled in around supper time and is now so thick we can’t see the houses that are out our back door  (you will have to visit a previous post to see the views from our front and back doors). It appears that the fog is causing havoc with our TV reception.  I think we are on the fringe of TV coverage from Corpus Christi as well as Victoria. We get a great HD signal except when there is fog.  With the fog we either have a picture or we don’t.  It is really hard to watch with the picture flipping on and off.  We have had fog the last few nights and I see now there is a dense fog advisory warning on the TV.  Tonight’s TV watching will not be great.

I usually start off with the weather report for the day so I have to let you know we got to +16℃ and if you were watching, the sun actually peaked out for about 30 minutes.  There were people walking around in shorts, but I still had a light jacket on.

We ended up in Rockport again today.  We needed to pick up some fixin’s for the BBQ chicken we were planning for supper.  I was also looking for a new Kathy Reichs novel as I have finished the two novels I brought.  Well we got the groceries but not the book.  We did however end up in Fulton with a drive along the harbour.  There were lots of huge ranch style homes and a lot of piers.  Bev noticed some action in the water so we stopped and watched two dolphins playing close to shore.  It appears like the were rubbing themselves on the oyster shell bottom.  It was interesting to see in person instead of on the TV.

dolphin-1 dolphin-2

While we out we also got to view a Great Egret who was standing around a small pool of water, looking for lunch. Another magnificent bird.


The whooping cranes were also back in their usual spot but we didn’t take any pictures of them today.

Tomorrow we are off to Galveston.


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