Well yesterday was a cold one.  I think the high for the day was +3℃.  It was very windy and we stayed in all day.  Today wasn’t much better.  There was a bit of a driving rain last night and this morning the wind had all but disappeared, but it was misty.  We woke up to +2℃.  I thought it was supposed to get warmer today.

To get out of the camper we decided to take a drive and visit Rockport. First we swung around the location that was identified as a whooping crane hang-out.  Sure enough there was a pair of whoopers in the field.  What a large, magnificent, beautiful bird.  Unfortunately, they were too far into the field for any pictures to be taken.  I think we will visit again before we leave the park on Monday.

In Rockport we stopped at Walmart, HEB as well as Ace Hardware.  We ended up at Walmart so I could buy some slippers.  I had left mine at home and I find the floor of the camper a little cold with the unbelievable temperatures we are experiencing.  I was also looking for a small space heater to supplement the heat we are getting out of the electric fireplace. As we are not paying for electricity, I would rather heat the trailer with electricity than propane.  Walmart didn’t have any space heaters. Well it turns out that HEB as well as Ace were also out of space heaters.  It seems all of the people in the coastal bend area are also wanting to stay warm.

During our drive it was misty out. The wipers were required and I didn’t realize how cold it was until the trucks vehicle info centre told me “Ice may form, drive carefully”.  Tomorrow the sun is supposed to shine and the temp is to rise to +15℃.

We will have to wait and see.


One thought on “Brrrrr!

  1. Very nice pictures. Too bad it has been so cool weather-wise for you guys. On the other hand, it’s hard to feel too sorry when the weather here is in the minus 30″s.


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