Were is My Parka?

Well we left Corpus Christi yesterday.  It was overcast and gloomy with the temperature about 4℃.  We travelled over to Goose Island State Park which is located close to Rockport TX.  I was thankful for the heater in the truck as I couldn’t find my toque.

We settled in at a spot on the ocean’s edge.  There is no beach (too cold anyway) but there is a seawall.  There are about 23 spots on the ocean’s edge with many more sites in a wooded area.  And there are a lot of birds. The park warden was telling us he has a bird feeder out and regularly sees hummingbirds. We haven’t seen anything that small but have seen many herons, pelicans and egrets.  Hopefully we will be able to get out and about later today to take some pictures. Yesterday the temperature got up to about 7℃ and this morning it’s about 9℃. The forecast shows the temperature spiking to 20℃ by 3 PM.  We will see.  I am not holding my breath.

Stay tuned, pictures to follow.


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