Here comes the sun

Well the afternoon was certainly a change from this morning.  The sun came out and it warmed up.  Bev and I put on our bunny hugs and went out for a walk.

It seems the big thing around here is either bird watching or fishing. Whooping cranes winter here and there is a boardwalk and lookout area just behind us to watch them.  We didn’t see any, but there certainly is a lot of brown pelicans flying round and diving for fish.  The highlight was seeing a few pink flamingos flying by.  Very cool.

At the other end of the bayside campgrounds is a fishing pier.  I had a walk out there today.  There were many fisher people.  Some with fish, some without. There were also pelicans on the causeway that lead over to the campground.  While I was on my walk, Bev stay at the camper and enjoyed the sun.  To her surprise she was entertained by a couple of dolphins swimming just off shore.  It was another highlight for her.

While we were out I took a couple of picture to show you what surrounds us.

Here is what is out our back door.  We really don’t have a back door, this is actually in front of the camper.  As we don’t have any windows on this side, it is like the back of our house. These are some pretty impressive houses on the water.


Of course if I show your our back yard view, I need to show you what’s out our from door.  Again, we really don’t have a front door, but this is what we see out all the windows in the camper.


These pictures really didn’t stitch together very well so this is something that we experienced later in the evening.


The view is certainly worth the price.


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