Hot and Humid

Got up this morning it was already 22 ℃ with 85% humidity.  It was soon time to get out of the oven we call a trailer.  The wind was also up today with clear and cloudy skies.

We did end up spending the day on Padre Island at the Padre Island National Seashore, Malaquite Beach.  The warden at the park gates told us that the camping on the pavement, by the ocean was first come – first served, with no reservations allowed.  They were full last night and camping on the beach would be rough.  She also advised us that another cold front was forecast and that being on the beach would not be a good idea.  The weather for all next week is cool and wet. Well we drove out on the beach and sat for the afternoon.  I think camping on this beach is not going to be a possibility as there really isn’t room to turn our rig around. There might be at low tide if the wind wasn’t blowing, but I don’t think we will take the chance. While at the beach, we stopped again at the visitor centre and had ice cream.  It was a nice treat.

So, as of this post, we are still not sure where we will end up on Monday night.  We might try the National Seashore, no reserve site and no hook-ups and if they are full, we might travel up to Mustang Island State Park. Again, this is camping on pavement, behind the dunes but with electricity and water hook-ups.  If they are full we could end up at Goose Island State Park.  Again, on pavement next to the sea wall with electricity and water hook-ups.  If we go this route we will have to take the free ferry at Port Aransas to get back to the mainland.  We have been on the ferry before. They are small compared to the ferry at Victoria BC but larger than the Hague ferry.  They normally have 4 rows of vehicles with each row having 4 or 5 cars, depending on their size.  Our truck and camper will probably take up most of one row.  We will figure it out.

On the way home we stopped at the Bob Hall Pier.  This is a very long pier with a restaurant on the shore end.  While we were in the parking lot we were able to watch a few surfers that were out in the water.  Bev thought they were brave, I had another word to describe them.  There were also people on the beach flying kites.  Quite interesting to say the least.

We also stopped at HEB as there were a few groceries we needed and why not pick them up as we had to pass by the store on our way home.  HEB was busy today.  I figure it was because people were stocking up for Super Bowl Sunday, tomorrow.  A few of my former colleagues would have loved to do my shopping for me.  You see they loved going to grocery stores where there were free samples.   Well there were a lot of sample tables out today, including ones where you could sample various wines.  What a good idea, I wonder when this practice will be seen in Saskatoon?

We ended the day with BBQed, home-made hamburgers.  I am not sure what is on the menu tomorrow, but I am sure it will come off the BBQ.

cactus-1 flowers gate indian-blanket oasis ocean_panorama pelican piping-plover prickly-pear walking


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