Yes, Warmer

The forecast was for +25 today.  The weather report tonight said we reached 80 degrees (27 degrees Celsius).  The truck thermometer reported +21 when we left the beach. So I guess it was warm today but getting colder for the rest of the week.

The sun was shining and very warm.  However sitting on the beach, it was a little cool with the breeze off the ocean.  But it did not stop us from having lunch on the beach.

After lunch we noticed these little shore birds between us and the water. They scamper along the shore picking at the sand along the line between the dry and wet sand.  They would run like crazy if there was a chance that a wave would lap at their feet.  They were calm when they were to the right or of left of us.  But when they got in front of us they would take off in a gallop.  They perceived us as a danger I guess.  Little did they know it would take a while for us get up and standing and into a position where we presented any danger to them.  Silly bird, but fun to watch.


After lunch we headed downtown to the harbour.  We saw a fellow dressed in green riding his bike along Shoreline Drive.  We saw him a few days before, only dressed in Blue.  What a character and Bev wants to know where he got his boots. There are also some tall office buildings overlooking the harbour.  We also drove out onto a jetty and watched some sail boats leaving and entering the harbour.  On this jetty was a restaurant called Landry’s.  We had eaten here when we were in Corpus Christi some 12 years ago.  A great place to eat with huge portions.  Unfortunately it was closed for renovations.

building-1 hats-boots


harbour-1 harbour-2


6 thoughts on “Yes, Warmer

  1. B00 Hoo Hoo. If the wind off the ocean is to chilly ….Get out of the wind..DAH ,go around to the other side of the trailer ,,,lol
    Maybe you would like – 25 with no wind and lots of sun… be safe , Bob.


    • There is no “Other side of the Trailer” on the beach. The breeze ias always coming off the ocean so if you are anywhere near the water, you’re going to get the wind. Nice day today (+22) but rain and cold expected tomorrow. They are talking about sleet and freezing rain. Look out for more bridge closures and schools being closed.


  2. Great photos Sea, birds, yachts,interesting people. I could be jealous but I am so busy, I do not have time for it.
    Have fun, ignore the weather and enjoy.


  3. Sounds terrific you guys. I finally took time to read all of them and really enjoyed them. I live vicariously you know :). Keep ’em coming.


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