Wind & Rain

Yesterday was another nice day and we spent some time on the beach. The temperature was sunny and in the 20s but mostly it was a bit of a lazy one.

Today was different.  The temperature was again in the 20s but it was overcast.  Another lazy day but we decided to go and get some groceries. We had purchased some popping corn at Walmart but it wasn’t as good as Orville Redenbacher, so off to HEB, the other grocer, we went to see if they carried it.  We were also looking for some more of those bacon wrapped fillets.  I almost had Bev convinced we should try the bacon wrapped jalapeños we found.  I thought they would be great on the BBQ. But we left them in the cooler.

We left at 3:30 to go to HEB, the temperature was 22, overcast and there was a slight wind. We left around 5:00 and the temperature had dropped to 16 with rain and wind.  Now at 8:00 it’s 6 degrees with fierce winds. The internet shows the wind is at 53 KM/h.  The camper is a shakin’.  We are looking for a low tonight of +1.  Our neighbour next door has insulated the waterline going to his RV. I hope we will be fine.

As you can imagine, the 6 o’clock news was all about the winter storm warnings in Texas and what the various counties are doing to prepare for the storm. Tomorrow doesn’t look much different.  Highs of +8 and a low of +3 are expected. Good thing tomorrow is laundry day.

Hopefully we will get back to seasonal temperatures soon, as we plan on going camping on the beach, Monday.  I guess we will wait and see.


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