A Walk In The Garden

Well we did end up going to the Botanical Garden today.  You can check out some of my pictures below.

As you can imagine, there were a lot of plants here. Unfortunately, it’s winter in Texas now and there wasn’t a lot in bloom. The orchid garden was nice.  But to be honest, orchids are not the prettiest plant to look at. But when they are in bloom, watch out.  They are amazing.


There were also a lot of cactus and other arid plants to see.  Some were very large and all were interesting to look at. The rose garden also had flowers in bloom.  Because of the breeze, you could smell the roses all over the gardens. Very fragrant.

It was an enjoyable afternoon, even though most plants looked like they were resting for the winter.  I can’t imagine how different these gardens will look in the spring.

bird-1 bird-2 butterfly cactus-1 cactus-2 cactus-3 flower-1 orchid-1 orchid-2 orchid-3 orchid-4 orchid-5 orchid-7 rose-1 rose-2 rose-3


2 thoughts on “A Walk In The Garden

  1. These pictures are gorgeous..great job Richard..Looks like you and Bev are enjoying your retirement and taking in a lot of extra-ordinary places..Have fun!


  2. Sounds as though you’ve had an eventful trip so far! What a great experience to be able to travel without a time limit and be able to take in all the scenery. Stay safe and I look forward to more fun-filled stories. 🙂


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