More R & R

Monday was a do-nothing day. It seems we are getting lazy as we enjoy the good weather.

Well actually we did venture out and found a place we could get a propane tank filled.  You don’t see the propane filling options at the gas stations here like in Saskatoon.  We actually had to find a place that sold propane. We could have wondered over to Walmart and used the exchange program but our tanks are brand new so it would probably be cheaper just to purchase the gas instead of the gas and a re-certified tank.  It was.

While there I asked the manager a few questions about my table-top BBQ. I showed him my tank as well as the hose I had.  He didn’t think there was anything wrong with the setup and couldn’t come up with a reason my BBQ wouldn’t work.  Well we hooked up my hose to a tank, turned on the tank and propane came out of the regulator.  Seemed to work fine.

This eliminated a trip to the RV dealer to try to buy a new hose or adaptor.  I was glad we didn’t need to go as the dealership was a little ways out-of-town and when I phoned, the person I talked to didn’t seem too knowledgeable.  I was also glad because it was getting later in the afternoon and those steaks (bacon wrapped fillets, did I mention that?) were just waiting to get on the grill.  They were delicious.

Yesterday was also a do-nothing day.  The temperature was creeping up to +25 so we headed down to Shoreline Dr. to sit on the beach.  We are getting to realize that we can’t get to this street directly from our RV Park. The shortest, most direct way goes through the US Airforce Base.  For some reason when we get to the gates, they make us turn around.  We have done this a couple of times now.

The beach was nice with a very warm sun shining on our backs and a cool breeze off the water on our faces.  Before we left the down town district we stopped at Bayfront Science Park and Water Gardens located just behind Bank of America center.  This is a beautiful place to unwind and catch a breath.  We sat for some time before heading back to our camper to grill up some pork chops.  The were delicious as well.

Today we were planning to visit the Botanical Garden but it is a lot cooler and much windier today.  It’s +17 right now with a forecast high of +20. The forecast is for cooler and wetter (rainy) weather the next few days so I am really not sure what is going to happen.

You will have to return for a visit to see.


One thought on “More R & R

  1. Hang a left and come to Arizona. It’s sunny and dry and nicely warm (20 -25C). And we have filets too – with great big shrimp and escargots for an entrée! Ray could take you to Total Wine & More – a warehouse full of wines, beers, spirits, etc that goes on and on. Great purchasing opportunities! We buy wine by the case there.


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