Ice Cream on the Beach

That’s right folks.  That is what we did today. Ice cream on the beach.

We have spent the last two days getting our bearings and checking out were we might go next.  Yesterday we visited Mustang Island State park. It is located in the north part of North Padre Island, near Port Aransas.  They have a camping area very near the ocean but you don’t have a view or direct access to the water.  You would have to walk over the dunes to get to the sandy beach. The sites have electricity as well as potable water hook ups.  No sewer connection though, you have to drag your trailer to the dump site for that.

We also checked out Goose Island State park.  There were some nice camping spots in a grove of trees in the park but there are also spots right next to the sea wall.  Yes you have a direct view of the ocean, but there is no beach. Goose Island also had electrical and water hook-up but no sewer. This is definitely an option.

Today we checked out the south part of Padre Island. We drove to the end of the road and even ventured out onto the beach.  There are campsites close to the beach but with no water and electricity in Padre Island National Seashore park.  But there was camping right on the beach and it is free.  You just have to watch the height of the tides and make sure you don’t get stuck in the sand.  I think this is where we will move to next.  Oh, and there are interpretive programs at the visitor centre and ice cream at the store.

Tomorrow we are either off to the state aquarium or the botanical gardens but first we need to figure out why our table top BBQ won’t work with the propane tanks we have.  I think the connectors have changed, probably a safety issue, and I need an adaptor.  All I know for sure is I have some bacon wrapped fillets that are waiting to be grilled.  Hopefully tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Ice Cream on the Beach

  1. The latest picture of the beach looks nice. Any chance you could post more pictures as you explore? Perhaps to match the text descriptions in the blog?


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