Dell Computers

The sun was shinning today with another breeze.  This time the wind was at our backs and the fuel gauge responded favourably.   We were making good time today until we misinterpreted a highway sign in an attempt to avoid another toll road.  It turns out we ended up on the narrow streets of Round Rock TX.  We ended up driving down Dell Street.  You must be a big company to have the street in front of your offices, offices that stretch for blocks and blocks, named after you.  All the while I am looking for someplace to turn around.  We ended up in the Dell parking lot and it was early enough that there was an acre or two for me to make the turn around.  A quick look at the on-board GPS had us back on I-35 in no time.

The temperature was back up to +21 today as we drove down I-37 towards Corpus Christi from San Antonio.  There were lots of tall cacti and palm trees in the ditches. The time just flew by and before we knew it we had traveled 472 KMs and were in down town Corpus Christ, looking for a tourist info location.  It appears that the Tourist Centre that was located on the map outside Corpus Christi had disappeared.  So we were in search mode and luckily found one down by the waterfront right beside a vacant parking lot.  Things were looking good.

We collected some brochures and headed back to the truck to fire up the computer.  After a few searches we found a place to park our home on wheels.  Well wouldn’t you know it, the web site was wrong.  There was no room at the inn.  It seems that now is the time that the northern Texan’s travel down south to avoid the cold.  Boy, could I tell them about cold!!

Well we did find a spot to rest and are staying here for the week.  Orange trees on the grounds and chirping little blackbirds serenade us. During this time we will be searching out other locations to visit.  Bev and I would like to check out the facilities at the State Park on North Padre Island.  There is a certain appeal of being able to sit on the beach in January.  But first we need to visit the local Walmart or HEB for some groceries and a water hose.  It seems our hose is too short to reach.

Oh well, we are learning a lot as we go and we are sure there is much more to learn.


2 thoughts on “Dell Computers

  1. Hey Richard, these highways are awesome aren’t they? We were cruising along at 80 something today between El Paso and San Antonio. Reached San Antonio tonight and will start exploring tomorrow. You guys have put in lots of miles over the past week. Anxious to see some pictures, keep us posted. Maybe our paths will cross. We are here until Friday and then arrive in Galveston on the 19th for one week. If you’re anywhere nearby, let me know.


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