Change of Wardrobe

After traveling 630 KMs yesterday and another 718 KMs today, it is time to change our wardrobes.

A former colleague of mine mentioned yesterday on Facebook, she was enjoying the +15 morning weather in Texas.  I am not sure where she is but when we left this morning the temperature was +11 and while driving we reached +25.  In fact the sun was so hot we needed to turn the air conditioning on.  I believe spring is here and the fields are definitely green.  So without any more delay, I have packed away my winter boots and have taken out my street shoes.  My winter parka, toque and scarf are also stowed neatly in the closet.

We stopped briefly at a scenic look out.  After travelling many miles in relatively flat terrain we came upon some features you would see in the mountains.  The hillsides were blasted away to make room for the road.  This is a special geological area called the Arbuckle Wilderness.

a1 a2

We spent all of our time today on I-35 but did switch to I-35W so we could pass through Fort Worth instead of Dallas.  You really don’t get much chance to relax on this road.  You need to keep an eye on the speed limit as it is constantly fluctuating  between 60 and 75 MPH.  Oh and did I mention the construction.  At one point there were 4 lanes (going north thankfully) that were bumper to bumper backed up for at least 5 miles.  Construction and 4 lanes turning into 1 is a recipe for road rage.  Bev and I were wondering what would happen if an emergency vehicle needed to use the road?

Yes, Fort Worth, that was exciting.  If you are old enough to remember the TV show  “The Jetsons”, that is exactly what it looked like, roads and interchanges going in all directions and at various levels.  You really needed to watch the lane you were in so you didn’t end up going somewhere other than I-35.  All I had to remember was, I-35.

And some of the drivers, well mostly one we saw, was on a crotch rocket, weaving in and out of traffic going upwards of 75 MHP.  Cutting off semi trailers, driving between vehicles and leaning down on his bike so he could pass under your side mirror.  We thought about that emergency vehicle again as he passed us for the second time.  But all in all, the drivers are very courteous.  If you need to change lanes, they will either slow down or move over to let you in.  That’s the beauty of a multi lane highway.   It makes it a little easier for the small town boy that I am.

Our intent today was to reach an RV Park just south of Austin (Buda TX) and see what it would be like with a full hook-up.  Unfortunately, we encountered lots of construction as well as very strong wind from the south.  We ended up stopping about 70 miles short.  Again we are stopped in a very nice Rest Stop just south of Belton.  We found yesterday there was quite a bit of noise with the semis arriving and leaving and I suspect we will find the same tonight.  We are not quite far enough off the highway to eliminate the traffic noise but I am sure it will disappear once my head hits the pillow.

Here is a photo of our rest stop.  We are hoping to be in the Corpus Christi area tomorrow to start to really relax.



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