Where is Dorothy?

You guessed it folks, we have driven through Kansas and did not see Dorothy, Toto or her red slippers.  But we did see some interesting scenery. The rolling hills of Nebraska have turned flat again. With rolling hills returning in parts of Oklahoma.

This was very pretty as the snow is all gone (in most places) and some of the fields that were turned over in the fall have a glimmer of green about them.  We saw water running in the ditches and more birds abound.  While driving in sunny weather, the temperature reached +12.  Is spring just around the corner?  Maybe for Bev and I but probably not for those in Saskatoon.

We encountered our first toll road today.  I don’t think we got value for our money.  But we have moved off the state highway #81 to Interstate 35 with a posted speed limit of 75 MPH. Much faster than I like to travel, especially on a 6 lane highway through Wichita towing 40 feet of trailer.

Because the weather is warmer we have decided to camp out tonight at an I35 rest stop near Blackwell OK.  We are putting to good use the groceries we picked up at Wallmart yesterday and are trying to relax a little without the conveniences of a motel room.


Here we are.  Putting the Wi-Fi from a neighbouring town to good use. Ain’t technology wonderful?

We should be hitting Texas tomorrow with Corpus Christi just around the corner.

Stay tuned.


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