Warmer and Warmer

Today was a great driving day.  I was a little concerned in the morning as there was frozen rain on the truck windows.  It turns out it had rained earlier in the morning.  Time to be cautious.

By the time we got fuel and on the highway, there had been enough traffic to make driving OK.  By 10 the frost was all but gone from the highway except for the shoulders.  A full day of sun and the temperature rising to +5. Could it get any better after leaving bone chilling -30 with a wind just a few short days ago.

The scenery is also changing.  Most of the snow has disappeared in southern South Dakota.  What snow that is left in the ditches has that sheen and glimmer we are used to seeing in the spring.  The flat vistas have changed into rolling hills as we enter Nebraska.  There are lots of cows in the fields that are either grain or corn.  And I have never seen such HUGE inland grain terminals.  They are easily 3 or 4 times larger that I have ever seen in Saskatchewan.

Today we drove mostly on State highways.  They are at least as good or better than our main provincial roads.  The interstate’s of course are great. Four lanes, divided and fast.  But you don’t get to see much of the country. They are meant to move traffic and that they do.  Parts of the state highway (81) that we drove on today had a red colour and seemed to be a lot smoother than regular asphalt.  Something they are adding to the mix I guess.  It just looked odd.

So today we are staying in Norfolk NE after travelling 642 KMs. We stopped at Walmart tonight to buy some groceries. Hopefully we will be able to sleep in the camper tomorrow. Probably not in a campground as they all seem to be closed but there is always an industrial zone or a mall parking lot that is calling our names.

If we are in a parking lot tomorrow, future updates will be delayed but I am sure they will be interesting as we are going to try to not get lost in some of the MAJOR centres  we will be soon (like tomorrow) travelling through on our way to Corpus Christi.


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