Stop Number 2

Well the general consensus is yesterday was a very long driving day. This not only comes from the driver but the passenger and some of our readers.

So we took it easy today and only logged 170 KM.  It was a later start with a slow breakfast.  When we finally go going, I discovered the cover for the trailer electrical connector got damaged (not sure how).  The result was the connector would not stay in the plug or is it the plug wouldn’t stay in the connector. No connection means no brakes, no signal lights and no coach battery charging. Not a good thing.  So we unhooked and found an RV dealer so I could pick up a new connector (or plug).  It was quickly rewired and we were on our way.

Driving today was great.  The weather hovered around -5 and the roads were, for the most part, dry. It was enjoyable to see the sun and warmth. The interstate is a great way to travel, even if you don’t want to drive the posted speed (75 MPH)

It turns out we are behind in our schedule, but we are not limited to a timeline, so all is good.  Tomorrow we plan on getting an earlier start and make up some time.  We are hoping to stop tomorrow at Sioux Falls SD. We will then take a little jog to the west and head straight south to Oklahoma City, Dallas/Fort Worth.  That ought to be fun.

Stay tuned for the excitement and pictures.  It is pretty flat around here with snow-covered fields.  So really nothing exciting to snap a picture of.

Oh, we are putting our feet up in Jamestown ND.


3 thoughts on “Stop Number 2

  1. Hey Dad and Mom. Good to here from you, looks like everything is going pretty well aside from the little plug issue. Can’t wait to hear about the trailer living,hope its warm enough for that soon. Have a blast and be safe, you know all those things you tell me to do in my travels.
    Can’t wait to read more.
    Lots of love,


  2. Nice to hear you are slowing down and taking it easier by driving less and enjoying the trip more. Keep your blog comments coming and post pictures when you have some.


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