Off we go!!

Well here it is January 8 – 2014 and we are now just getting out of Saskatoon.  Why the delay you ask?

Well first off the furnace in the house went a little flakey.  I could get it to run but not reliably and you don’t want your house freezing up while you are away.  This happened just before christmas and the only way to get a proper fix was to pay for an “Emergency” call or wait for the supplier to open so I could buy a $25 part.  You guessed right, I waited and replaced the part myself.

Secondly, there was a sickness in the house, so we had to wait that out. It’s no fun travelling when you are sick.

Lastly, the tow vehicle decided to start leaking stuff on the driveway.  So we had to wait again as the service bays was booked up until the 6th. The truck went in on Monday and after leaving a small fortune we were able to pick it up on Tuesday, yay, we get to depart on Wednesday. And it is supposed to be warmer too.

They lied.  It was hovering around -30 in the morning and really never got up to the -14 that was promised until we were in North Dakota.  Oh and getting through the border crossing was interesting.  The border guard was a little upset when I went in the lane for “Trucks” (which meant semis) and not the one marked “Campers” which was buried under a pile of snow….my bad.

The roads weren’t that bad.  Some drifting snow but south of Regina the snow had stuck in places so it was a bit slick.  It was time to take it slow.

So as a synopsis,  we left our driveway at 8 AM and travelled 828 KM and are spending the night in Bismarck ND.  And no, we are not in a Walmart parking lot.  We are in a hotel with a stupid parking lot.  It is going to be interesting tomorrow when we try to leave.


5 thoughts on “Off we go!!

  1. I sent a comment earlier , but I don’t see it posted.So here is a new one. What hotel are you staying in Bismarck? I can google map/satilite it.I found a few on the north side of town. Candlewood Suites/ Americinn Lodge and Suites and Country Suites By Carlton.any of these look familiar? ttfn. Bob


  2. Hey .Thats a long drive in a day.Just couldn’t wait to get on the road ? You know to get the morning temp. you should look for the overnight low not the daytime… Be safe, blog you soon.Bon Voyage….


  3. Glad to hear you are well on your way Dad and that you’ve arrived safely to destination #1. Have heaps of fun, be safe, and take lots of photos.
    Love you,


  4. Hi Richard and Bev, enjoy your trip and your retirement time. We leave tomorrow for Texas for a month,and I’ll follow along your blog. With retirement money and a little subsidy I invested in a 24-70 2.8 lens, and I’m dying to give it a workout on holidays, so I will watch for you and be posting my own adventures as well. The blog is a really good idea….if I was sure to have the discipline, I may try it as well.


  5. I agree with Bob… Long drive. Stay safe on the road. It should only get warmer from here! I’ll be thinking of you when I don my snow pants at work and think when can I retire?


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