The Adventure Begins!

The adventure begins and we haven’t even left the drive way yet!!

Yesterday we took our new home on wheels out of storage.  It has been at the dealership for the last 2 months getting the few things repaired that were identified on our maiden voyage.

All went well and I soon realized that my backing up skills need more practice.  Putting the camper in the driveway was not as easy as I would have liked.  But as soon as the backing was complete we discovered there was enough room for the sides to extend.  Life is good.  Good but cold!

To combat the cold I thought to try out the electric fireplace.  This should take the chill off as we load the camper with the items we have been hoarding in the basement.  Yes it would, if the fireplace worked.  Not sure what is going on here but I will wait for a warmer day to investigate.

So while I am out in the cold unhooking the camper from the truck I discover there is no 12 volt electricity in the camper.  My initial though was that someone had stolen the 2 batteries.  That would be just great. A quick look under the hood revealed the batteries were in the battery boxes in the front storage compartment.  A check of the voltage showed indeed that they were dead.  A quick charge would fix that but after having a look inside the battery cells I discovered they were frozen solid. Dead indeed.  Frozen and swollen to the point that it was a bit of a challenge to get them out of the battery boxes.  A quick call to the RV dealership and a trip to their battery supplier for two new batteries and we were back in business.  It appears no one, the dealership or I, switched the battery kill switch.  It appears that there is quite a demand for power even when nothing is turned on.  Go figure.

Tomorrow we are going to turn on the gas furnace to warm things up so it is a little more comfortable when we put everything away. I sure hope there are no problems here as it will be a few days of travel before we won’t need the heat.

We are sure things will be forgotten and probably won’t realize it until later in our journey.  We are hoping to leave Saskatoon on Dec 17th. Lookout Walmart Supercenter Minot.


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