The Maiden Voyage

We picked up our new camper the other day after spending about an hour and a half at RV School learning how everything worked.  It was a little bit overwhelming, a lot more complicated than our last 5th wheel trailer, but we managed to get the rig home and onto our driveway without incident.  We were initially concerned that it wouldn’t fit, but there was enough room, barely.  Unfortunately we ended up with no access to the garage for any vehicles.

On Sunday we decided to take our first trip to give it a shakedown and see what we really remembered from RV School.

Pike Lake here we come!


Well it was a rather nice day, a little cool, but the furnace took care of that in no time at all.

We set up the trailer in the main parking lot and had a lake front view.  It was great.  Because we didn’t want to re-winterize the camper, we brought our own water to make hot chocolate and used the park facilities instead of the indoor plumbing.

The afternoon was spent reading through some of the manuals that came with the various equipment and appliances, playing a friendly game of Cribbage and walking on the beach.  Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time for an afternoon nap as we had to get back to the city and watch the rider game on TV.

The trip back into the city was uneventful but because the pilot and navigator were a little tired after all the day’s fresh air, backing the unit onto the drive way was a bit if a challenge.  But we did get to see the opening kickoff.

Stay tuned for more adventures in the future.


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